Henry Gutierrez personally supervised the design and construction of this salon bearing his name.

It is a reflection of his belief that it is not just about getting your hair done. From the design of the salon, the stylists, to the high-quality hair products that will enable customers to reproduce the same look as when they leave the salon — bringing together a sense of quality is what Henry’s is all about.

It is Henry’s desire to make your visit an anticipated event and a total experience. We can even ship products to you if you forget to buy them at the time of your appointment. The difference in your hair is measurable and the results in your hair make it obvious, quality products don’t require you to use as much and you get the same results we give you when you leave the salon.

We strive to be part of the community by participating annually in several charity events including: Matthew Shepard Foundation, Gathering place, Red Ball and Locks of Love.