4 Summer Hair Care Tips


4 Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is on its way, and people across Denver are making plans to take advantage of warm weather and sunny days. But summer brings its own unique hair challenges, so our team of hair care experts and stylists at Henry’s Salon have put together this guide to help keep your hair happy, healthy, and beautiful all season long!

Read on for four great summer hair care tips, and feel free to schedule an appointment at our hair salon in Denver today for fresh haircuts and hair styling!

1. Wear Hats

Most people know that excess sun exposure can cause skin damage — but did you know that too much sun is also bad for your hair? UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause damage to the outside cover of the hair strand, often called the cuticle. Symptoms of sun damage include discoloration, split ends, frizziness, thinning, and dry and brittle strands. So much for beautiful, sun-kissed hair!

To protect your hair from sun damage, take this summer as an opportunity to add lots of hats and scarves to your wardrobe. They’ll keep you cool, protect your hair from sun damage, and help your scalp retain moisture!

2. Minimize Chlorine Damage

Maybe your summer plans include plenty of trips to the local pool or to Water World. Ours too! There are few things as refreshing as diving into cool water on a hot summer day. But, as you probably already know, chlorine is terrible for your hair. It dries hair out and can cause unsightly discoloration, especially if you have lighter locks.

To minimize chlorine damage, make sure to wash your hair before and after getting in the water. Get chlorine out of your hair as quickly as possible, and use a hydrating conditioner to help restore moisture to your hair. If you’re spending a lot of time in the pool, then you may also consider doing a weekly deep conditioning hair mask!

3. Keep It Loose

Although the hottest summer days will have you tempted to pull your hair back into a tight bun to keep it off your neck and out of your face, tight hair styles can be damaging to your hair — especially if it’s already drier than usual thanks to sun and chlorine damage.

Opt for loose, comfortable styles to prevent pulling and tearing you hair. Loose braids and messy buns will keep your hair under control while minimizing sun exposure — and they pair well with breezy summer fashions!

4. Wash Less Often

Although you may have heard to wash more often in summertime, since hot weather will make your hair oilier from sweating, you should actually try to cut back on washing. When you wash your hair, you strip your scalp of its natural oils, and it will try to make up for the loss by producing even more of them. Counterintuitively, washing your hair less will make it less oily!

How often you wash depends on your specific hair needs. Some people wash once a week; others wash every other day. Experiment with your hair to see what works best for you. On days where you need to shower, but you don’t want to wash your hair, rinse it with cold water to close the cuticle and seal in moisture.

We hope these hair care tips can help you keep your care healthy and happy all summer long! In the meantime, you can schedule an appointment or walk into our Denver hair salon for a fresh haircut or professional hair styling. Our hair stylists utilize cutting-edge techniques, top hair products, and customized hair treatments to make sure you leave feeling replenished and beautiful!

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