5 Hair Care Tips For Dry Climates


5 Hair Care Tips For Dry Climates

For the most part, Colorado is a great place to live. Gorgeous views, laid-back people, and 300 days of annual sunshine are hard to resist, but it comes with a tradeoff: Colorado is one of the driest states in the country, ranking 46 out of 50 in a nationwide humidity analysis published by Forbes.

That means residents of Denver have to work extra hard to keep their hair healthy and moisturized. Want to avoid dry, damaged, straw-like tresses? In today’s post, our hair care experts at Henry’s Salon are offering their top five tips for combating the dry climate and giving your hair the TLC it needs.

1. Deep Condition Weekly

First of all, try to make it a part of your weekly routine to set aside some time for a deep conditioning hair mask. Conditioning masks can help repair your hair strands from the inside out and seal in moisture. It’s best to alternate between protein-building masks and moisturizing masks to keep your hair balanced.

Conditioning hair masks only take 15 to 30 minutes, so make a ritual out of it and treat your hair to some luxurious care!

2. Use Hair Oils Daily

Your hair already produces its own oils, but in Denver’s dry air, they could use a little reinforcement! Support healthy hair by utilizing a daily hair oil that moisturizes and strengthens your hair follicles. You can apply hair oil to freshly dried hair to smooth it down and tame it, or to split or broken ends to minimize the frizz. Our favorite way to apply hair oils is to comb it gently through clean, damp hair after a warm shower. Experiment to see what your hair likes best!

For best results, make sure not to apply oil to close to your scalp, and try to avoid applying right before bed unless you want an oily pillowcase.

3. Use UV Protection Spray

We love the Colorado sunshine, but there’s no denying that it can seriously damage your skin and hair. The sun’s UV rays are particularly harmful to the outer cuticle of your hair, and symptoms of sun damage include frizziness, split ends, and dry, brittle strands.

To protect your hair, you can wear hats, headscarves, or invest in a UV protection spray. Just like you should try to apply a gentle face sunscreen every day, you shouldn’t leave the house without a quick spritz of UV protection for your locks. If that seems like a pain, just remember that it will help your hair look shinier, fuller, and healthier for longer!

4. Lay Off The Heat

It’s no secret that routine, long-term heat use can dry out your hair. Hot hairdryers and hair styling tools can create a “flash drying” effect on your hair, stripping away its surface moisture, making the cuticle cracked and brittle, and leaving it that much more vulnerable to the dry climate.

Try to avoid using heat for your hair styling in the warmer season. If you absolutely cannot air dry, at least make sure to use a heat protectant spray, and always use the “cool” setting on your hair dryer. It may take a little longer, but your luscious locks will thank you!

5. Get A Humidifier

Lastly, what better way to beat the dry air than to humidify it? You can’t fix all the air in Colorado, but you can at least invest in a humidifier for your room to use as you sleep. This will help keep your skin and hair moisturized, and as a bonus, it will also help to reduce summertime allergy symptoms! With simple humidifiers on the market for less than $40, it’s a small investment for big returns on the health of your hair.

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