Anthony Rizzuto


A Colorado native, Anthony has 18 years experience the the beauty industry after having completed his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Northern Colorado.

For 7 of those 18 years, Anthony taught and performed for FRAMESI USA, a top-rated international hair color company, teaching beginning through advanced hair color theory, placement, and technique, as well as beginning through advanced hair-cutting. He also taught at The Academy of Cosmetology Arts, a leading Denver cosmetology school.

“A thorough consultation IS EVERYTHING”, Anthony says, to insure that he is on the same “page” as the client in every aspect of the service, including home hair-care products, styling tools, and how much or how little time you have to spend on your hair.” Helping the client understand THEIR hair, and what it will or won’t do, is definitely part of the process!”

“I am a lucky guy”, Anthony continues, “to be in business where I get to help people feel better about themselves on a daily basis.”